Apple iOS 11 is Expected to Bring in Advanced VR Experience

The world of technology has seen some path-breaking discoveries in the recent past. And the tech giants based out of different parts of the world has an instrumental role to play in that. Over the years, the companies have invested a lot in the development of the new technologies, and the result can be witnessed when the new smartphones or even other electronic gadgets come out on the market. And what this actually does is that it makes the tech followers much more expectant regarding the innovative features in the new devices which are coming out on the market.

iOS 11

And talking about leading tech companies in the world, there is very few who doesn’t think of Apple while discussing technology. It has been a long time that Apple has managed to enthrall the tech enthusiasts with innovative devices. The new smartphones, or the desktops, or the tabs, come with something new and that has been the trend that Apple has set for them. And as we approach the end of the second decade in the twenty-first century, our expectations are getting higher and higher.

2017 is the tenth anniversary of Apple Inc., and there are suppositions that the developer will bring out something new. With a number of electronic gadgets scheduled to be released, there will be eyes on latest software update from Apple. In the recent time, Apple iOS 11 has been in the headlines for different reasons. Many of those have been talking about the drawbacks that the latest update is going to bring. But there will certainly be a lot of new things that will definitely enhance the usage of the devices running on the iOS platform.

An updated Siri is one of the basic changes that is definitely going to come with the launch of the Apple iOS 11. Reportedly Siri will be compatible with other third-party apps like WeChat, Slack, and Whatsapp as the reports have suggested. Not only that, Siri will help the user in finding out pictures from social media platforms like Shutterfly, Pinterest, and many others. In addition to that, the updates that have been brought with the launch of the Apple iOS 10.3 will feature in the Siri that will be coming with the Apple iOS 11 update.

Other than the updated Siri, there are a lot of things that are bound to go through changes. One of the things that the users of Apple iPhones would love to see is the compatibility with VR headsets. With the launch of iOS 10 Beta, there were no signs of compatibility with virtual reality. But it is expected that things might change with the launch of the Apple iOS 11 Beta. Google has taken some giant leaps as far as virtual reality is concerned. It remains to be seen how much the Cupertino-based tech giant takes in order to provide a tough competition to Google in this field.

However, a lot of things remain to be observed afterward for there has been a scarcity of official updates regarding the new things that Apple iOS 11 will bring in. The revelation will take place once the software update becomes official.

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