Choosing The Right Pressure Washer For Different Uses

Summer is a great time of the year to go out and have fun! It’s bright and vibrant all around, but it comes it is own set of troubles. You cannot help notice how everything in sight gets covered by pollen, mud, dirt, dry grass and greasy coating due to the pollution in the air. If you want to clean your outdoors or exterior facade of the house, best electric  pressure washer can take the ‘stress’ out of it. It can not only simplify the cleaning jobs but also make remove flakes or dried paint. So, if you are thinking of buying a pressure washer but are unsure what to look for when buying one then here are a few things to consider:

Choosing the right size:

Perhaps one of the most important things is choosing the right size and doing this is pretty simple. To start with, you simply need to decide on the amount of work that you will do using this pressure washer and then select the right product. Most of the machines are built to handle most of the domestic, light-commercial and even sometimes professional cleaning. So, before investing in a pressure washer, make sure you are clear about your cleaning goals.

Home use:

The home use of a pressure washer include cleaning the outdoor furniture, patios, small decks, plastic play sets and grills. So, if you are looking for a pressure washer for domestic use, make sure you choose the lightweight and compact size that comes with a flexible high-pressure hose. They must include a variety of nozzles, storage for spray gun, space for detergent tank, nozzles, hose, and a power cord.

Light commercial use:

Some of the light commercial use of a pressure washer includes cleaning patios, decks, fences, siding, boats and vehicles. If you are looking to accomplish light commercial tasks using a pressure washer then you may look for the premium overhead-valve engine, axial cam pump with a brass or aluminum head that can handle high pressure. It should also include a heavy-duty frame, pro-style wand, poly-braided high-pressure hose, and several other spray tips.

Professional use:

Some of the professional use of a pressure washer includes surface preparation, paint stripping, construction-site cleaning, graffiti removal and fleet maintenance. To fulfill these requirements, you must look for a commercial-series or commercial-duty engine that comes with a heavy-gauge steel frame, steel-braided hose, heavy-duty tires, steel spray wands and a plethora of spray tips to choose from.

Tips for proper cleaning:

When using a pressure washer to clean your house you must ensure that you wash the vertical surfaces, from the bottom-up and when rinsing, do it top down. The nozzles come in different colors that indicate their forcefulness and spray pattern. For example, white is 40 degrees; yellow is 15 degrees; green is 25 degrees; red is 0 degrees. The black color is for the low pressure nozzle and it is usually used for providing soap solution.

We hope the above information helps you choose the right pressure washer that meets your specific requirements.

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