Tekken 8: Some Wishlist Features and the Release Date

We in the 21st century are witnessing some of the significant changes when it comes to technology and gaming. With a booming revolution, gaming has become a key mode when it is entertainment. Nowadays, even before a release of a console, people tend to look forward to the launch of the successor of the game that is to be released. Isn’t that something crazy? But that’s what matters when we talk about the video gaming industry. Yes, you guessed it correctly! We are talking about Tekken 8!

With the ninth installment, the Tekken series is soon to come out in the year 2017. About the storyline, speculations say that there would be shedding light on several mysterious surroundings. The arcade version of this particular game was released in the year 2015. Soon the updated version was rolled out after one year, precisely in 2016. Tekken series has been created and developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Tekken series is undoubtedly a cult favorite since its opening console in the year 1994. Nostalgia, as it says, is one of the reasons for the popularity of the game. The game contains older fighting models which are good enough in making use of today’s game of futuristic alien battles.

Featuring SF  Akuma in a critical role, Tekken 7 will be launched soon. But when Tekken 8 is concerned, we are going just with the flow along with some speculations of course. We are unsure whether this feature is valid for Tekken 8 as well. With Tekken 7, gaming gurus will come across a legendary saga that would bring together Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya, his sons. But we have no clue what Tekken 8 will bring for us. After Tekken 7 is released, we simply don’t have any idea what Tekken 8 will bring. But for a bestselling game of fighting, a conclusion is never expected. So it is tough for fans to expect Tekken 8 without Heihachi and Kazuya.

With serious gamers, come the games’ wishlist features. For Tekken 8 we have a few. With new VR support and engine, the game will definitely take the fans to a different level. More fluid animation can accompany the next after Tekken 7. Fans are hoping to see character creations as well. Honestly, we want the makers to concentrate on the storyline more, rather than experimenting new features.

Tekken 8 Release Date: If at all we were confirmed about Tekken 7 release date, then speculations could have helped us. But as said by several sources, we already know Tekken 7 will be released in this year. While considering the release date of the Arcade mode, the game was released in the year 2015, following to Tekken 7 will come up this year. The Tekken 8 release date could be in 2019 or 2020 but not sooner than that! So fans enjoy the journey of Tekken 7 this year and then carry on speculating the future and what Tekken 8 can bring up!


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Pitch Perfect 3 Release Date Leaked

One of the most anticipated films of 2017 and highly speculated nowadays, Pitch Perfect 3 has finally gone on floor with its first shooting begun from January 5, 2017. The principal photography has taken off with all the cast and crew members where the most of the portion will be shot in Atlanta, USA. Rendering upon almost same casting team as before along with some great new additions, Pitch perfect 3 is all set to gear up with its all shoots till mid of this year.

Happened to be the most preferred musical drama of 2016, Pitch Perfect second installment gathered positive reaction from the audiences’ side in a massive manner. Even the stars from the film got recognition hence landing up in having huge fan following across the globe. Moreover, the Universal’s musical comedy franchise has reprised almost all the actors’ role which will be in a continuation mode in the upcoming film. The addition (also confirmed) will be a visual treat for the masses as the team plans for a delightful surprise. The surprise, as per the makers, will be unveiled at time of official launch during the mid of this year when the movie is completed with its production works.

Director Trish Sie being a newcomer in the franchise was given a warm welcome through social media as she joins the Pitch Perfect team. Producers Paul Brooks will be joined by a new member as the previous film main Producer Elizabeth Banks, who is also one of the Bellas in the film is expecting her first child. So, with new production team, the story of Pitch Perfect 3 is written by Kay Canon, Dana Fox and Mike White.

One of the most special thing about Pitch Perfect 3 is that it is an all Women film i.e. Director, Producer, Actors, Writer, etc are all women. Well, of course all hail to women power with high time now to take upon the male dominated industry and rules the Award events with much poise, grace and perfect pitch.

The previous installments Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 were released over great demand as the non-fiction book which has been the source of the adaptation for the following films, Pitch perfect, garnered lots of acclamation amongst the readers as well as critics. Released on September 28, 2012, Pitch Perfect was made with a budget of 17 million USD it collected a gross amount of US$ 115.4 million.

The second installment of the hit franchise, Pitch Perfect 2 got released on May 15, 2015, with a budget of 29 million USD wherein it generated gross revenue of 287.5 million USD. Therefore, making a final and official announcement regarding Pitch Perfect 3, the release date will be on December 22, 2017 with most likely a budget of approximately US$41 million.

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Apple iOS 11 is Expected to Bring in Advanced VR Experience

The world of technology has seen some path-breaking discoveries in the recent past. And the tech giants based out of different parts of the world has an instrumental role to play in that. Over the years, the companies have invested a lot in the development of the new technologies, and the result can be witnessed when the new smartphones or even other electronic gadgets come out on the market. And what this actually does is that it makes the tech followers much more expectant regarding the innovative features in the new devices which are coming out on the market.

iOS 11

And talking about leading tech companies in the world, there is very few who doesn’t think of Apple while discussing technology. It has been a long time that Apple has managed to enthrall the tech enthusiasts with innovative devices. The new smartphones, or the desktops, or the tabs, come with something new and that has been the trend that Apple has set for them. And as we approach the end of the second decade in the twenty-first century, our expectations are getting higher and higher.

2017 is the tenth anniversary of Apple Inc., and there are suppositions that the developer will bring out something new. With a number of electronic gadgets scheduled to be released, there will be eyes on latest software update from Apple. In the recent time, Apple iOS 11 has been in the headlines for different reasons. Many of those have been talking about the drawbacks that the latest update is going to bring. But there will certainly be a lot of new things that will definitely enhance the usage of the devices running on the iOS platform.

An updated Siri is one of the basic changes that is definitely going to come with the launch of the Apple iOS 11. Reportedly Siri will be compatible with other third-party apps like WeChat, Slack, and Whatsapp as the reports have suggested. Not only that, Siri will help the user in finding out pictures from social media platforms like Shutterfly, Pinterest, and many others. In addition to that, the updates that have been brought with the launch of the Apple iOS 10.3 will feature in the Siri that will be coming with the Apple iOS 11 update.

Other than the updated Siri, there are a lot of things that are bound to go through changes. One of the things that the users of Apple iPhones would love to see is the compatibility with VR headsets. With the launch of iOS 10 Beta, there were no signs of compatibility with virtual reality. But it is expected that things might change with the launch of the Apple iOS 11 Beta. Google has taken some giant leaps as far as virtual reality is concerned. It remains to be seen how much the Cupertino-based tech giant takes in order to provide a tough competition to Google in this field.

However, a lot of things remain to be observed afterward for there has been a scarcity of official updates regarding the new things that Apple iOS 11 will bring in. The revelation will take place once the software update becomes official.

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