Playstation 5 Price: What Can You Expect?

When it comes to gaming consoles, there are but two giants in the industry: one being the Microsoft Xbox 2 while the other is the Sony Playstation. Now, we have been receiving some latest news on the new Playstation. However, the price point is still under wraps, for we do not know what the Playstation 5 price will be. Hence, we would like to check out historical precedents and suggest our best estimate for the gaming enthusiasts.

Playstation 5 Price: What Does History Suggest?

As far as historical precedents are concerned, they can often act as very good pointers to the future. The original Playstation was launched in 1994, over two decades ago. It was a revolutionary concept which has since been aped many times. It came for a then-princely $299. Originally, the Playstation also played a very big role in shaping the future of gaming as well, a fact which is often overlooked in today’s times.

Six years later, the Playstation 2 arrived in 2000. It carried the same price point: $299. The reason why the price tag had not increased was due to a combination of factors which we shall come to once again. Do keep this point in mind.

PS5 price

Playstation 5 price

The third Playstation, the Playstation 3, came in the year 2006 and was retailed for a minimum of $599. Remember that this 2006 model came in more than one variants and the minimum price tag was $599. This made it a pretty expensive gadget but no one said that gaming was an inexpensive hobby. The price tag was, analysts and fans alike say, was justified by the load of features which was aboard the Playstation 3, something we believe in too.

However, Sony made amends in their pricing strategy, retailing the next model, released in 2013 and called the Playstation 4, for a more modest $399. This is why the Playstation 4, sometimes abbreviated as PS4, has sold so many units. It is so successful, in fact, the Playstation 5 price too will be affected by that console too. In fact, we believe that the upcoming Playstation 5 will come for somewhere around $399, the same price tag as its immediate successor.

Why do we believe so? Well, remember how the price tag did not change over the years 1994 and 2000? That was possible because the technology transfer and adoption by the users were swifter which made Sony feel confident that they would not have to transfer too much new technology. Given that the 4K display has become much more common nowadays, and Cloud storage has become cheaper, the $399 price tag seems feasible.

Wrap up

Remember that any great device must also have an imaginative pricing strategy. The PlayStation 5 price too must be kept in check for a very high price tag may scare off many potential buyers.


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How to Download Cartoon HD for Mac Devices?

Remember those days when cartoons were to be the most important thing of our childhood? Remember when a little of us laughed and rejoiced with the fall of Tom and a little of us saddened with Jerry’s failure? There’s nothing that technology cannot serve these days, and therefore, we are going to talk about one fine app which will take lane down to our memories. Cartoon HD( is a streaming app by which you will re-explore the nostalgia of childhood. Not only cartoons, but this app also offers up to date movies and TV shows. So here presenting you how to download Cartoon HD for Mac devices; read on to know more.

Cartoon HD on Mac

Cartoon HD for Mac

Cartoon HD for Mac Devices: How to Download the App on your Mac Devices

Step 1: First you have to download the Cartoon HD APK here. Now keep the app somewhere in your directory so that you can access it later without any confusion.

Step 2: Second you have to now go for the downloading procedure of vShare from its official site. Then as soon as you complete downloading it proceed further and install it.

Step 3: Now you need to go over to the folder where you have successfully kept the apk file. You need to select the ‘Right click’ option, in order to go for the ‘open with’ option and open the app via vShare App Player.

Step 4: Wait for a couple of minutes as it would take some time for the Cartoon HD app to get installed into vShare, whereby you can easily access Cartoon HD app for seamlessly watching films and RV shows, whenever you wish to.

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Folks, if you are Windows users, then you can get accessed with Cartoon HD Apk easily. With the gracious improvement in the technology, Microsoft has taken a leap and from Windows 8 went straight to the latest and updated Windows 10. BlueStacks is basically the most popular and secure Android Emulator among all the emulators in the market. What an Android Emulator does is to mimic the Android-based apps in such a way that they tend to thing to be running on an Android platform. So folks, if you want to download Cartoon HD app on your Windows, consult the BlueStacks emulator and enjoy the services offered by the app.

The Final Words

With the help of Cartoon HD for Mac devices you can actually get in touch with all sorts of funny characters that were once the best part of our lives. Get accessed to the wonderful services offered by the Cartoon HD app.

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Choosing The Right Pressure Washer For Different Uses

Summer is a great time of the year to go out and have fun! It’s bright and vibrant all around, but it comes it is own set of troubles. You cannot help notice how everything in sight gets covered by pollen, mud, dirt, dry grass and greasy coating due to the pollution in the air. If you want to clean your outdoors or exterior facade of the house, best electric  pressure washer can take the ‘stress’ out of it. It can not only simplify the cleaning jobs but also make remove flakes or dried paint. So, if you are thinking of buying a pressure washer but are unsure what to look for when buying one then here are a few things to consider:

Choosing the right size:

Perhaps one of the most important things is choosing the right size and doing this is pretty simple. To start with, you simply need to decide on the amount of work that you will do using this pressure washer and then select the right product. Most of the machines are built to handle most of the domestic, light-commercial and even sometimes professional cleaning. So, before investing in a pressure washer, make sure you are clear about your cleaning goals.

Home use:

The home use of a pressure washer include cleaning the outdoor furniture, patios, small decks, plastic play sets and grills. So, if you are looking for a pressure washer for domestic use, make sure you choose the lightweight and compact size that comes with a flexible high-pressure hose. They must include a variety of nozzles, storage for spray gun, space for detergent tank, nozzles, hose, and a power cord.

Light commercial use:

Some of the light commercial use of a pressure washer includes cleaning patios, decks, fences, siding, boats and vehicles. If you are looking to accomplish light commercial tasks using a pressure washer then you may look for the premium overhead-valve engine, axial cam pump with a brass or aluminum head that can handle high pressure. It should also include a heavy-duty frame, pro-style wand, poly-braided high-pressure hose, and several other spray tips.

Professional use:

Some of the professional use of a pressure washer includes surface preparation, paint stripping, construction-site cleaning, graffiti removal and fleet maintenance. To fulfill these requirements, you must look for a commercial-series or commercial-duty engine that comes with a heavy-gauge steel frame, steel-braided hose, heavy-duty tires, steel spray wands and a plethora of spray tips to choose from.

Tips for proper cleaning:

When using a pressure washer to clean your house you must ensure that you wash the vertical surfaces, from the bottom-up and when rinsing, do it top down. The nozzles come in different colors that indicate their forcefulness and spray pattern. For example, white is 40 degrees; yellow is 15 degrees; green is 25 degrees; red is 0 degrees. The black color is for the low pressure nozzle and it is usually used for providing soap solution.

We hope the above information helps you choose the right pressure washer that meets your specific requirements.

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ShowBox App: Get convinced with the video streaming services offered by the app

ShowBox APK: Dedicated to all the smartphone users, ShowBox has convinced us greatly with highly beneficial advantages of using the app. Indeed, with the evolution of smartphones, various applications have been provided to us. Gradually with development, we have managed to learn how to use these advantages and blend the technology with our day-to-day lives. So coming back to the benefits of using ShowBox app, it’s basically a video streaming application. Generations after generations have been familiar with the trouble of web browsing process of streaming or downloading the desired videos according to the users’ preference.

But as we are the source of the 21st century, we have somewhere been luckier on this part. Life has become easier so as the usage of smartphones, but what changed is the growth of technology. By that, we have been offered with such brilliant apps in the path of video streaming. Mentioned below are the advantages of using the ShowBox APK app on your devices (be it Android or Windows PC or laptops). So folks, take a glance at the features of ShowBox Apk.

Showbox provides the best streaming services

ShowBox APK: Some of the key features of using this video streaming app

First, when we are concerned about the ShowBox APK, let’s be firm and tell you the most important thing about its feature, ShowBox offers absolutely a user-friendly interface, which offers users to search for their desired videos in a more confined manner.

Second best thing about ShowBox is, users, don’t need any registration for browsing through the app in order to stream videos. Folks, note one thing, there are many streaming apps available to us, but with ShowBox, you get the security by not registering with any documented information.

The third best thing about ShowBox is that the videos, movies and TV shows are offered chronologically, and you can actually stream videos without any harassment or confusions. There are hi-res videos available in the app, but if you want to stream videos at a low quality, there you are, ShowBox is efficient enough to offer videos of multiple resolutions.

With ShowBox you are offered with variety when it comes to videos, movies or even TV shows. ShowBox is one fine app, which is versatile enough of providing its age-old users with various options.

As per your taste and preferences, you can even sort you desired contents, whether its movie, video or some kind of TV shows. ShowBox is eligible to offer a seamless streaming service by different categories, types, and genre.

Not only streaming, ShowBox offers its long-term users with the benefits of downloading their desired contents according to their preferences. By this, if you go offline, you will be capable enough to watch your favorite TV shows or the best movies of all time.

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Users, if you have a fast internet connection, then ShowBox is the first choice for you, because it allows you with an easy installation procedure, unlike any other video streaming apps, but wait, the features have not yet been over because this is just the beginning. Start knowing the ShowBox app by installing it and enjoy the video streaming services that are offered.

Wrap Up… ShowBox is one dedicated app that has millions of loyal users, so if you aren’t a part of the ShowBox world, download the app and make your life easy with just a snap of a finger by enjoying ShowBox services.

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Will 2018 be the Year of Release for Borderlands 3?

Video game publisher 2K has a number of big releases coming up this year. However, for those who are upset over the recent reassigning of a new launch window for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2, there may be some good news on the horizon. 2017 is going to be financially sound for 2K, owing to the releases of new entries in some of their most notable franchises. But while WWE 2K18 and NBA 2K18 will be released at their stipulated times, Red Dead Redemption 2 will be pushed back to 2018. However, it appears that RDR 2 will not be the only title from 2K slated for a 2018 release and that it might be accompanied by none other than Borderlands 3.

The truth is that Borderlands 3 has been in the talks for such a long time that every time we hear about a new mystery title in relation to publishers 2K or developers Gearbox, we pray that it turns out to be the next main entry in the Borderlands franchise. So far, however, it has not been a good route for us to take. For there have been so many times over the past few years that we have thought that the creators are teasing Borderlands 3 but have ended up realizing that we had been entirely misled. However, it seems that the situation at present is a little brighter.

While it takes a lot of confidence to say something like that, and right now, the situation is such that only a clear statement from Gearbox Software would probably make fans sure of the upcoming entry, we think that the developers are in fact working on a new Borderlands game. And we are not entirely going by speculation either. The tech showing that Gearbox hosted early this year seemed to be a broad hint in that direction, and it is as if Gearbox is doing this intentionally. For those who are yet not aware of what happened during the GDC showing, Randy Pitchford, the showrunner over at Gearbox, had demonstrated a new technology that he said had the potential to be used in a future Borderlands game. But what we actually ended up seeing was what appeared to be in-game footages from a Borderlands game that is clearly in the early stages of development.

In fact, our belief that Borderlands 3 game is very much in development right now is further fuelled by the fact that the footage showcased new landscapes, and even more astonishingly, a brand new character that might just be featured in Borderlands 3. The character was covered in a suit entirely from the head down, so it was impossible to tell if she was someone we had seen before. However, we think that her being featured all covered up in that particular video may have some specific purposes. We don’t think Gearbox would do anything at this point in a careless way.

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So yes, it is possible that Gearbox and publisher 2K will push out Borderlands 3 in 2018. The recently teased unnamed title may very well be the third main entry in the acclaimed series. However, with the kind of track record at misleading that Gearbox has, one never knows.

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Tekken 8: Some Wishlist Features and the Release Date

We in the 21st century are witnessing some of the significant changes when it comes to technology and gaming. With a booming revolution, gaming has become a key mode when it is entertainment. Nowadays, even before a release of a console, people tend to look forward to the launch of the successor of the game that is to be released. Isn’t that something crazy? But that’s what matters when we talk about the video gaming industry. Yes, you guessed it correctly! We are talking about Tekken 8!

With the ninth installment, the Tekken series is soon to come out in the year 2017. About the storyline, speculations say that there would be shedding light on several mysterious surroundings. The arcade version of this particular game was released in the year 2015. Soon the updated version was rolled out after one year, precisely in 2016. Tekken series has been created and developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Tekken series is undoubtedly a cult favorite since its opening console in the year 1994. Nostalgia, as it says, is one of the reasons for the popularity of the game. The game contains older fighting models which are good enough in making use of today’s game of futuristic alien battles.

Featuring SF  Akuma in a critical role, Tekken 7 will be launched soon. But when Tekken 8 is concerned, we are going just with the flow along with some speculations of course. We are unsure whether this feature is valid for Tekken 8 as well. With Tekken 7, gaming gurus will come across a legendary saga that would bring together Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya, his sons. But we have no clue what Tekken 8 will bring for us. After Tekken 7 is released, we simply don’t have any idea what Tekken 8 will bring. But for a bestselling game of fighting, a conclusion is never expected. So it is tough for fans to expect Tekken 8 without Heihachi and Kazuya.

With serious gamers, come the games’ wishlist features. For Tekken 8 we have a few. With new VR support and engine, the game will definitely take the fans to a different level. More fluid animation can accompany the next after Tekken 7. Fans are hoping to see character creations as well. Honestly, we want the makers to concentrate on the storyline more, rather than experimenting new features.

Tekken 8 Release Date: If at all we were confirmed about Tekken 7 release date, then speculations could have helped us. But as said by several sources, we already know Tekken 7 will be released in this year. While considering the release date of the Arcade mode, the game was released in the year 2015, following to Tekken 7 will come up this year. The Tekken 8 release date could be in 2019 or 2020 but not sooner than that! So fans enjoy the journey of Tekken 7 this year and then carry on speculating the future and what Tekken 8 can bring up!


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YouTV Player is the Entertainment App You Have been Waiting For

Entertainment is not just something with limited connotations anymore. In today’s date, entertainment defines everything- from the exploration of deeply embedded issues in the society via a medium that reached people so easily, to telling stories that deserve to be told and retold. But the problem arises when we can’t hold of all of them. YouTube may feel like a good option, but only until you find out that there are so many limitations. For instance, the site has a number of regulations that do not allow you to watch every movie or reality show under the sun. You might find some if you are lucky, but your quest for the latest content will mostly turn up empty. This is where apps like YouTV Player steal the show.

YouTV Player is an app that lets users stream, download, and watch their favorite content all in the same place. And unlike YouTube, YouTV Player does not try to control what you can or cannot watch. If the stuff you are looking for is part of the site’s database, you can watch it. This includes movies, reality shows, sitcoms, television dramas, series, and music videos. It is what YouTube aspired to be during its early days before its flight was cut short.

you tv player download for PC

It is quite obvious that everyone would want to make full use of such an amazing application like this one, but if you have tried looking for it anywhere, you will know that it is not found very easily. No official app store carries the service, and the ones that do have no accompanying instructions. In fact, they do not even tell you that you can run the app on any platform, even though it is just an Android only file. That is why we are writing this article to shed light on how you can download the YouTV Player app on your PC, be it Windows or Mac.

How To Download YouTV App for PC (Windows and Mac)

While downloading an Android based app on your PC is not as difficult as you would imagine, you do need to follow some extra steps. This is because successfully running such an application on a non-Android environment will need a few extra things. Especially, what you need is an Android emulator, which is basically an app that allows you to run an Android app on the PC by creating an Android environment within the device.

The best emulator, in our opinion, is Bluestacks. Not only is the app trusted by millions of people worldwide, but it is also available for both Android and Mac versions. After you download and run Bluestacks on your PC, using YouTV Player on the same will work like a charm. So without any further delay, let us get into the methods.

Step 1: Download YouTV Player apk on your PC.

Step 2: If you don’t have Bluestacks yet, download the app on the same device and run it.

Step 3: Go to the downloaded YouTV Player app on your PC, right click on the file. Go to Open With, and select Bluestacks (or any other emulator that you may already have).

Step 4: You are now ready to use YouTV Player on your PC. As a sidenote, it is always better to restart your device after downloading an app, so do that to avoid any glitches in your exploration.

Wrap Up

So now that we have told you all about using YouTV Player on your PC, get ready to make the most out of it. The app allows you an incredible amount of freedom in the exploration of different kinds of media, but we hope that you will use it responsibly, without any monetary interests. Enjoy!


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Pitch Perfect 3 Release Date Leaked

One of the most anticipated films of 2017 and highly speculated nowadays, Pitch Perfect 3 has finally gone on floor with its first shooting begun from January 5, 2017. The principal photography has taken off with all the cast and crew members where the most of the portion will be shot in Atlanta, USA. Rendering upon almost same casting team as before along with some great new additions, Pitch perfect 3 is all set to gear up with its all shoots till mid of this year.

Happened to be the most preferred musical drama of 2016, Pitch Perfect second installment gathered positive reaction from the audiences’ side in a massive manner. Even the stars from the film got recognition hence landing up in having huge fan following across the globe. Moreover, the Universal’s musical comedy franchise has reprised almost all the actors’ role which will be in a continuation mode in the upcoming film. The addition (also confirmed) will be a visual treat for the masses as the team plans for a delightful surprise. The surprise, as per the makers, will be unveiled at time of official launch during the mid of this year when the movie is completed with its production works.

Director Trish Sie being a newcomer in the franchise was given a warm welcome through social media as she joins the Pitch Perfect team. Producers Paul Brooks will be joined by a new member as the previous film main Producer Elizabeth Banks, who is also one of the Bellas in the film is expecting her first child. So, with new production team, the story of Pitch Perfect 3 is written by Kay Canon, Dana Fox and Mike White.

One of the most special thing about Pitch Perfect 3 is that it is an all Women film i.e. Director, Producer, Actors, Writer, etc are all women. Well, of course all hail to women power with high time now to take upon the male dominated industry and rules the Award events with much poise, grace and perfect pitch.

The previous installments Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 were released over great demand as the non-fiction book which has been the source of the adaptation for the following films, Pitch perfect, garnered lots of acclamation amongst the readers as well as critics. Released on September 28, 2012, Pitch Perfect was made with a budget of 17 million USD it collected a gross amount of US$ 115.4 million.

The second installment of the hit franchise, Pitch Perfect 2 got released on May 15, 2015, with a budget of 29 million USD wherein it generated gross revenue of 287.5 million USD. Therefore, making a final and official announcement regarding Pitch Perfect 3, the release date will be on December 22, 2017 with most likely a budget of approximately US$41 million.

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Apple iOS 11 is Expected to Bring in Advanced VR Experience

The world of technology has seen some path-breaking discoveries in the recent past. And the tech giants based out of different parts of the world has an instrumental role to play in that. Over the years, the companies have invested a lot in the development of the new technologies, and the result can be witnessed when the new smartphones or even other electronic gadgets come out on the market. And what this actually does is that it makes the tech followers much more expectant regarding the innovative features in the new devices which are coming out on the market.

iOS 11

And talking about leading tech companies in the world, there is very few who doesn’t think of Apple while discussing technology. It has been a long time that Apple has managed to enthrall the tech enthusiasts with innovative devices. The new smartphones, or the desktops, or the tabs, come with something new and that has been the trend that Apple has set for them. And as we approach the end of the second decade in the twenty-first century, our expectations are getting higher and higher.

2017 is the tenth anniversary of Apple Inc., and there are suppositions that the developer will bring out something new. With a number of electronic gadgets scheduled to be released, there will be eyes on latest software update from Apple. In the recent time, Apple iOS 11 has been in the headlines for different reasons. Many of those have been talking about the drawbacks that the latest update is going to bring. But there will certainly be a lot of new things that will definitely enhance the usage of the devices running on the iOS platform.

An updated Siri is one of the basic changes that is definitely going to come with the launch of the Apple iOS 11. Reportedly Siri will be compatible with other third-party apps like WeChat, Slack, and Whatsapp as the reports have suggested. Not only that, Siri will help the user in finding out pictures from social media platforms like Shutterfly, Pinterest, and many others. In addition to that, the updates that have been brought with the launch of the Apple iOS 10.3 will feature in the Siri that will be coming with the Apple iOS 11 update.

Other than the updated Siri, there are a lot of things that are bound to go through changes. One of the things that the users of Apple iPhones would love to see is the compatibility with VR headsets. With the launch of iOS 10 Beta, there were no signs of compatibility with virtual reality. But it is expected that things might change with the launch of the Apple iOS 11 Beta. Google has taken some giant leaps as far as virtual reality is concerned. It remains to be seen how much the Cupertino-based tech giant takes in order to provide a tough competition to Google in this field.

However, a lot of things remain to be observed afterward for there has been a scarcity of official updates regarding the new things that Apple iOS 11 will bring in. The revelation will take place once the software update becomes official.

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